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Based in Harris and Lewis, the Williams brothers are experienced craftsmen with expertise in dry stone walling, stone cladding, paving, mortar walling and sculptural stone features.


We have worked on projects the length and breadth of the islands and for a number of high profile clients including Historic Scotland, Calannish Visitor Centre, Borve Lodge Estates and Oran Na Marra. (The latter two projects featured on Channel 4's Homes By The Sea).


Dry stone walling involves building in stone without the use of mortar or other binding material.This form of construction has many advantages. It uses natural local materials, it can be used where other materials can not, for instance across rocky ground where fence posts can not be driven.


A dry stone wall will settle naturally instead of cracking apart, and is not normally affected by water. They provide excellent protection against the strong winds we experience in the Hebridies.

Importantly dry stone walls preserve the traditional look and crofting heritage of our island and because the materials used are natural, they blend harmoniously into the landscape.

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