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20 Years 
150 years
3 Billion Years

Williams Stone Craft are a family run business with 20 years experience building quality traditional dry stone walls in Central Scotland and the Hebrides. We take pride in continuing this age old craft and helping preserve  the heritage and history of our unique rural landscape. (Picture Courtesy of John Maher Photography)

Good quality stone work should last 100-150 years with a minimum of maintenance. A well built dry stone wall will add value to your property, whilst protecting your land from the Hebridean elements and livestock.

Our Lewisian Gneiss is the predominant rock type  of the Hebrides, a metamorphic rock which is up to 3 billion years old, making it the oldest rock in Britain. It is as hard in density  as it is beautiful in appearance. We hand pick all of our Lewisian Gneiss from Cleit na Duaich, above Losgaintir in Harris.

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